The Groovy Mentorship / Coaching Program

Teaching YOU The Groovy Success Blueprint for Achieving Your Dreams

While Harmonizing All Areas of Your Life!

We're SORRY! We have already acquired our December 2008 program clients. However, if you are interested in future coaching programs, follow the directions below to be placed on our future notification list!

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Your time sensitive, discounted coaching offer is detailed below!

Act fast, because Chris can only accept the first group of clients that pass his screening process for this amazing 6 week mentorship / coaching program!

??? Are YOU ready to drink rocket fuel ???

Dear, Friend;

In modern society, there is a mass of confusion as to the direction we need to collectively go in to provide harmony and unity across all aspects of our shared reality. Individuals and groups tend to divide and categorize ourselves in the hopes of providing the answers. However, in creating these divisions, our true life's purpose and meaning tends to get kicked to the side as we try to keep up with the changes by "fitting in".

This Groovy Coaching / Mentorship Program is all about harnessing your INDIVIDUALITY to harmonize all areas of your life while providing you with a personalized blueprint and roadmap to follow for the rest of your life, helping you to effortlessly achieve your dreams! Yes, it is that powerful!

No one else of this planet is teaching this same program. It is indeed one-of-a-kind, designed to walk you step-by-step into a new world of possibilities. You'll evolve over a 6 week period into a powerhouse of an existence, fuelled with tools, strategies, concepts, and philosophies that will successfully showcase your own divine purpose in this world!

Unsuccessful, stressed, and scattered action-oriented people do not follow their own specific game plan, and worse, do not leverage mentors or coaches. They tend to follow the teachings and rules created by somebody else for someone else. No wonder many of us are out of harmony! It's time to take control of it all and rocket yourself to the next level... to ascend towards your proper destiny!

If you're a Life Coach, then consider this a certification course to apply in your own practice!

With this Groovy program...:

  • You'll voice chat with Chris, one-on-one, for six, ninety-minute weekly sessions designed to advance you forward successfully into your Groovy individuality. This cannot be acquired via teleseminars or conferences or books!
  • You'll be given the chance to negotiate the time of day and what day each week would work best for the one-on-one voice chat (dependant on avoiding schedule conflicts with the other clients).
  • You'll discover and develop your main life's purpose.
  • You'll have limitations and mental blockages removed and replaced with the proper guidance customized each week for you.
  • You'll receive unbiased reviews and critiques in all areas of your life. If you're a business owner, this will include a marketing checkup and business analysis.
  • You'll receive weekly tools and activities to help ingrain your personalized Groove into reality.
  • You'll learn how to anchor your desires into memory and daily habits.
  • You'll learn the steps required for accomplishing tasks, product conception and creation, career development, business startup, and more.
  • You'll recieve clarity on your goals and prioritization of the steps involved in achieving them.
  • You'll become intimate with a deeper level of understanding of your skills and talents.
  • You'll become in tune with a deeper level of life and the universe.
  • You'll gain conscious and subconscious enlightenment.
  • You'll receive a heightened quality of life and acute awareness.
  • You'll learn strategies for changing your vibration instantly.
  • You'll be provided with another point of view to your life's purpose and why you achieving your dreams is important for us all.
  • and MUCH MORE!


Chris' time is very important but he is willing to provide this coaching at a very generous discount of $1428 off his usual $225 / hour coaching fee!

This program is now available at only $597 US! If necessary, a payment plan is available at 3 easy payments of $199 every 2 weeks! That's less than $100 a week!

This also includes the "Gettin Back Into The Groove" package sold on this website!

Payments are to be made using your Paypal account or with any major credit card.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If after the 1st or 2nd week you do not wish to continue, you'll be refunded your payment in full.

We'll even let you have the "Gettin Back Into The Groove" package FREE for your troubles!


Send an email to:

with the Subject = "Groovy Coaching Request"...

...and include the following details about yourself...:

Full Name

Home Address and Timezone

Employer or Business Name

Job or Business Function / Primary Area of Practice

eMail Address you check regularly

Current Top Level Goals

Current and Perceived Limitations

Why do you want this coaching?

Will you be paying in full or via 3, two week payments?

We regard your personal information as strictly confidential and it will only be used to communicate with you and provide the best coaching possible. Your information will not be sold, traded, or used for any other purpose. We respect your trust.

After we receive your application, you will be notified within 12 hours of your possible acceptance into the program. If you are accepted, you will then be sent the payment link, instructions, and the time limit required to make the payment. If you were not accepted, you will be notified and asked if you would like to be placed on the future coaching notification list. We do apologize, but we can only accept 10 clients at this time, and a certain variety of them for current program testing... thus the screening process.


  • Computer running Skype voice conferencing software (Free @
  • Microphone and speakers / headset
  • If you want to use your telephone instead of Skype, you have to cover the charges yourself. They are not a part of this program's cost.
  • Regularly used email address.
  • You must agree to attend the one-on-one weekly 90 minute chats at the agreed upon timeframe, and to also follow the directions and activities given each week.
  • In the event that you cannot meet the weekly obligations, you agree to inform Chris at a reasonable time before hand for rescheduling.
  • If accepted into the program you must pay the program fee within 12 hours of receiving our acceptance reply email. If you do not, your slot will be opened up to someone else.
  • NOTE: You will not be given legal or tax advice.

Training officially starts in the week of November 15th, 2008, and leads you into your best New Year's Resolutions EVER!

"You can never know the true pleasure and spiritual satisfaction of living the life of your dreams until you take the risk of achieving it yourself by utilizing all forms of leverage available."

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and may your GROOVE be endless!

The Spinning Blue Planet Team

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