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"If you dream, desire, live with a vast array of emotions, have set upon attaining several goals within your lifetime, or are on an intellectual journey... then, my Friend...
the GROOVE is for you."

The GROOVE Philosophy is a knowledge base, a resource to be tapped into, a success blueprint, a good friend with good advice, and an educational system that provides more than typical schooling or common influences can. To learn more, visit:


Is your Groove being stolen from you?

The GROOVE is the natural flow of oneself; one’s true essence when everything about the self (all its instincts, wisdom, knowledge, behaviors, and uniqueness) flows in natural purity, such that there is no hindrance, no holding back, no second guessing, no ignorance, no naïveté, no prejudice... just a natural oneness with the world and one’s place in it.

Unfortunately, human nature and the progression of time and life disallow us to remain within this GROOVE all the time. Everyday events on both a global and intimate level causes a fluctuation away from one’s GROOVE in many ways. Human nature, evolution, societal issues, progression, modernism, project management, education absorption, and relationships cause people to go off on tangents away from their harmonic states – their GROOVE.

If one is derailed from one’s GROOVE for a prolonged period of time, habits and everything else comprising of one’s nature becomes derailed in a snowball effect along with this individual. This is when deep, personal problems arise, which in turn, become the problems of one’s environment.

Yes, your Groove can be stolen from you in many ways. However, there are unique and life changing concepts to combat this, or to adapt when it is required.

Here are some of these GROOVY concepts to help YOU find and remain within your own GROOVE:


Realize your own place in this world and what is situated around you. Old ideals forced upon you should not be all that education comprises of. Yes, it is great to understand how not to repeat the horrors of the past and to understand why some things work and others don’t. It’s beneficial to know why we are where we are and how we got here. But NEVER forget to understand and live in the present, applying what you know now to better our tomorrow by first bettering your today.


A well balanced diet is essential but do not follow someone else’s definition of one. Experiment with supplements, herbs, medicines, foods, and ways in which to consume them in order to determine what works best for YOU. Take the time to know how your body reacts to each, and when it requires each. No two bodies are alike. Listen to what yours tells you!


You may hear often that one must fill their mind with positive thoughts and avoid the negative - that this is key to true success. Heck, practically every single book written on the subject stresses this. Unfortunately, this is entirely untrue! Negativity comes attached with it a momentum unsurpassed by no other! NEVER... NEVER... NEVER... believe that you should not have an ounce of negativity inside of you! Without negativity, you’ll never understand what is positive, and you’ll constantly set yourself up for HARMFUL CONDITIONING by others! This means that humanity’s progress relies on negativity; it relies on problems and discomfort. Without it, there is no universal equilibrium. Without that, we tend to forget our INDIVIDUALITY and the gift of life itself.


Whatever you focus on daily becomes your world. Corporations and marketers know this and they want to maintain unhealthy situations by knowing how to manipulate the mind so it would be hard for us to get out of their influence. Mass-manipulation of the senses through repetition, provoking of insecurities, and false representation of reality are what fuels many marketing campaigns. If your daily focus can be directed away from yourself and toward what is being marketed, the Corporation has won the battle. Don’t let them win the war!


Express yourself in a moment of time. Get what is within you out of you instead of prolonging it and over analyzing it to perfection. A moment is a moment, and is gone right after it has occurred. Your way of thinking in that moment may be lost forever, or it may be a starting point for your next world of exposure - your next starting point of a mental and physical journey in development and growth. The main thing is to just GET IT OUT NOW!

Finding your GROOVE... your harmonic state

What does it take to live a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, and for a good portion of your life? Does it take excess money? Does it take healthy friendships? Love? Proper health? Education? Family? Does it take a certain mind-set? Or maybe it takes all of these?

Well, it does take all of these... and more.

Life has its way of disappointing each and every one of us in many different situations. The trick is in finding how to combat any negative situation to turn it into something positive.

Perception of reality defines who you are. Every single person alive on this planet is unique and interprets the world in their own way. The stimuli of media, advertising, materialism, and organized Religions practically forms our lives on a daily basis. If you don't have a complete grasp on who you are and how exactly your mind ticks, you're more prone to negative conditioning from such influence.

It's not your fault, however. This is the reality of modern society. In order to make sense of life, we tend to make no sense at all. What this means is that a collective version of reality which forms a society is more sheltering than one of complete chaos. The drawback to this is that our human nature becomes victimized in the process. It's how we deal with this problem is what defines our lifestyles.

The root of any problem revolves around how you intrepret the events in your life and how you have set upon living your life. To be free from negativity on any level you must first understand your own INDIVIDUALITY. You must understand how your individuality affects your career, education, relationships, mental health, physical health, and even your personal Spirituality. You are alive, you are unique, and, when utilized, this worth is priceless... and on MANY levels!

Individuality is the basis of finding and maintaing your GROOVE. The rest will eventually fall into place when you learn how to utilize this Individuality in all possible situations. A fulfilling and balanced lifestyle is sure to follow.

Experiment, live, and learn. Go with the flow of Evolution, and you'll ride through life on the waves of your own, abundantly powered Groove.

How The Groove Was Written

In 2002, the younger of my two older sisters committed suicide at the age of 29. This woman had dedicated her life towards helping other people, be it through returning home with homeless teenagers (supporting Mo-Hawks and 1980s Glam), feeding them, and then sending them off with a plastic bag full of groceries, to also assisting troubled teens as a caseworker, and onward into many other worlds of influence. At the time of her suicide, she was several years into writing her University Dissertation on “Rape Crisis”.

Marleen Biggs was an intellectual and a charismatic presence with the elegance of a classical movie star. No room could escape the laughs she would produce. No person’s life was untouched by her charm. With feet firmly planted on the ground and her head high into the skies, she was a force on a mission. But alas, she was still just one mortal life with an intense drive.

The inevitability of death? The decline of one’s life energy? The instability of an anti-depressant drug? The hatred towards human stupidity? Or something much worse?

Questions. Alterations. Depressions. Regrets. Many thoughts invading many heads. Many thoughts racing into black holes.

My life had been distorted during a time when distortion was already running rampant. It is not something you can prepare for. It is not something you would really wish upon another person. I was shaken apart in more ways than one, and have since tried to shake myself back. All in all, the shaking turned out to be just living my own life anyway.

The concept of Spinning Blue Planet occurred to me one day when I realized that I have a message to share, and this aching desire to exhibit a passionate need to inspire another person salivated me to no end. In the very least maybe one other person’s life could be positively touched in the process, and as such, this driving, self-inflicted mind programming had beckoned me ever forward towards doing my own part within something far greater than my own understandings.

I eventually discovered the power of the Internet for capitalizing on communication processes. I delved into this world in search of solutions. In the process, I placed myself in debt by as much as $18,000. The pieces were interlocking into reality, but at a price.

All of this was happening while I was piecing together 3000 pages of notes, reading hundreds of books from the 1800s to the present, voicing many hours into a digital voice recorder, and throwing my own personal savings into pre-productions in film making and Internet marketing training and tools. I was pushing continually towards a grander project along the lines of life altering, personal success concepts, covering all major areas of life. The human condition is indeed intriguing. I had found myself stepping into the shoes of thousands of other people just to fill my own a little bit more snugly.

A couple of years later, a small book finally emerged. However, this book emerged only after its entire contents were first implemented, dissected, manipulated, and experimented on by myself. I had to believe in what I was putting my blood, sweat, hair loss, and tears into. What evolved was a blueprint for rapid achievement – The Groove. Part one of a vast series. It became something that could be leveraged and applied to any part of one's life.

In the process, at times I had purposely forced myself into states of depression just to document the ways into it and the ways back out. I was there before but this time I needed to relive in order to document my surpassing. This was not an easy task and negative repercussions resulted.

I lost my girlfriend, lost touch with many friends, became very unhealthy, experienced extensive fluctuations in my physical and mental health, became financially and spiritually unstable, lost many talents and skills, and even grew gray hairs in a matter of days. The ironic thing is, all of this has led me deep into my own 29th year alive.

There is very little time and space here to really elaborate on or to even convey all changes that occurred within my life while on this journey. Discovering what I discovered has elevated me into realms of infinity, and comprehensions of complete wonderments. They are mine to behold and treasure alone.

This journey has been long and hard with many ups and downs. As such, it became fitting to title this little book, “Gettin’ Back Into The Groove of Gettin’ Back Into The Groove”, for life itself fluctuates the very same way. Being who I am, I like to think of it more along the lines of “Planet Spinning”… ;-)

I require no glory, no remorse, and no pity, as I am just another being living on this Spinning Blue Planet. All I desire is to express myself and be heard by the ones willing to listen. And just as the title of my book represents a circle unto itself, my journey has never ended, and never will… even long after my life ceases to materially exist.

NOTE: The Groove was initially produced while I ran and meditated in a graveyard for a period of 2 months, and spoke it all out into a voice recorder.

I hope these sample concepts and details about the Groove Philosophy help you be GROOVY in some way...

...and may your G R O O V E be endless!

Cheers and Best Regards,

Chris Darroch Biggs

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Sample Passage from "Gettin' Back Into The Groove of Gettin' Back Into The Groove":

"Focus on the little things: water drops building up from faucets, candle or sun shadows along walls, or personal memorabilia holding enormous motivation. Whatever it is, it needs to be brought to the awareness of the present moment. That's the key! The present moment is where it is required, not later when in times of reminiscence... but NOW! Stop everything you are doing to behold life at its best, especially the wonderments of science and nature! Gaze upon a setting or rising sun. Listen to the laughter of an innocent child. Smell freshly baked bread. Thumb through items of a previous success. Read from your personal journals. Listen to your favorite music. Experience life for what it's worth in these moments!"

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