"You're about to discover how you can transform yourself into a happier, healthier, wealthier, POWERHOUSE of an existence... that is capable of creating more rewarding relationships, capable of achieving your dreams, and capable of sustaining a greater level of fulfillment and satisfaction day in, day out, for the rest of your life!"


My Friend, you've just found the birthplace of The GROOVE!

What is The Groove?

The Groove is a Powerful Success Philosophy for Maintaining Harmony across all areas
of life while utilizing a Unique System for Rapid Achievement.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, students, project managers, employees, leaders, and dreamers alike.

That's right... if you dream, desire, live with a vast array of emotions, have set upon attaining several goals within your lifetime, or are on an intellectual journey...
then, my Friend... the GROOVE is for you!

And NO... this is not just another rehash of The Law of Attraction!

The "Secret" is only 1/10 of The Groove, which was released 3 years prior!


"Chris Darroch Biggs has written an amazing little book! It is a simple, but profound book on how to make life and living a glorious adventure. There is a mountain of wisdom and practical help in the pages of this volume. I started reading it one evening and couldn't stop until the final page was completed. Read it and grow!"

John Harricharan - Best Selling and Award Winning Author - USA

"I am blown away by this site! Chris' work resonates with my soul and I am telling people about it.
With regards to The Groove, what a brilliant bit of life-altering literature! To absorb and act on the wisdom Chris delivers in this work will surely transform dreams into a state of being. His writing and guidance makes it so easy to grasp. I do believe that all who read The Groove WILL benefit!"

"Thank you, Chris, for sharing this gracious gift with the world!"

"With LOVE and wishing you ALL of EVERYTHING, Jeannine"

Jeannine Sanderson - Author of "Messengers of an Uncommon Fashion" - CANADA

"The Groove is the best, no nonsense, practical step-by-step guide to empowering one's self that I have seen in a long, long time!"

Dr. Joe Marshalla - Author of "Repeatlessness" - USA

Today's date:  

Brought to you by: Chris Darroch Biggs ...and...

** This resource has been in the flow since Summer 2004 **

dear, TRaveLeR;

Perception of reality defines who you are. Expressing your perceived reality evolves from many forms, as a result of your actions and experiences.

Reaching such evolutionary moments in your life oftentimes involves facing unfamiliar quests and circumstances.

Dealing with, coping with, surpassing, and achieving resolution for these moments are, unfortunately, the tricky part.

Sadly, not all travels and events lead us toward moments of true happiness. Heartbreak is, oftentimes, a common reality.

As a species with thouGhtS and eMotiOns, the need for achievement can either make or break us; there will always be side effects to progress.

You see... life can have many ways of derailing you from the rails of happiness, and into the ditch of depression.

It is in your nature to try and comprehend your personal reality. It is in your nature to evolve and advance yourself f o r w a r d - to continually grow into what you desire to be.

To accomplish anything in life you must have a firm grasp on how you tick, and on how to get to where you want to be. Any action has a cause and effect, be it positive or negative.

As you continue to "spin" around on this Planet, there will come a time when you'll wake up one day and realize that something is wrong.

The spark you once felt from joy and happiness isn't there anymore.

Jealousy has somehow crept into your world, slowly making you feel uncomfortable in many situations.

Your motivation in many areas has turned into a pathetic dribble instead of a steady flow.

You no longer pay attention to the little things and instead feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, making you forgetful, stressed out, and unhappy.

I'm sure you've already been there before... who hasn't?  But has it ever gotten so bad that you felt like no matter how hard you tried, life had its ways of disappointing you?

Have your dreams gone the way of the Dodo-Bird? a silent extinction

It happened for me, and I found myself exploring a dark side that literally scared me senseless.



"It was at the edge of this horrible abyss
where I took the first steps towards uncovering
the secrets to lifelong success."



Maybe I needed to see how low I could go to understand more of what to avoid in life, and how to make sure I never reached that point again. There's beauty in it in many ways, but you don't want to be there forever.


It makes sense in a weird way now, but during those days, "lost and confused" were not the words for it.


Thus began a very long struggle in self-development that spanned across all aspects of my life.  The quest was on to find the answers to the burning questions eAtiNg me up inside.


Years later, it all started to come together: A balanced lifestyle, absolute joy and happiness, and a paved road towards achieving my dreams.


I c a n n o t describe in simple words the waves of relief one can experience after searching for such deep answers and finally finding them.


All I can say is that life had a new, more desirable meaning, and one worth living each and every second of it with a smile across my face.


So here I am, willing to share some of the most powerful strategies, techniques, secrets, and mind-altering points of views for creating personal success and rapid achievements.


And I'm doing this in the hopes that I can give back in some way, by saving someone the time, personal punishment, and negativity they most certainly don't deserve to experience in their life.

"Recently I've been studying several major philosophies in order to regain my momentum in life, including Christianity and secret societies. Chris Biggs puts it perfectly when he says that I'm trying to get back into my Groove. His book very succinctly states much of what I've already learned, plus more, and puts it in terms that are clear and practical, without any Cultish overtones. It greatly complements everything that I've studied, serving as a foundation. I highly recommend it as a basis for getting back into one's life's GROOVE!"

Brad Trivers - Political Candidate & Musician - PEI, CANADA

"Biggs: Keep that Blue Planet Spinning! What this Rock needs is more Groove!"

Ron Spooner - Artist / Animator - Ottawa, CANADA

"Chris..you are a genius!! I loved it!! You are one awesome Catmando!!"

Victoria Genge - Supervisor - Newfoundland, CANADA

"I always commend and respect people like you. While many others work to enrich themselves... u go out of your way to make others' dreams a reality. That's great!

Keep up the good work, Chris... God's your strength!"

Oluwadamilare Idowu - Public Relations & Advertising - Lagos, NIGERIA

But before you can get GROOVY, you need to determine what areas in your life are causing some form of unhappiness so you can tackle them head on to create positive results.


The best way to determine this is by answering some key questions like:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, burned-out, and exhausted because you have too much to do, but not enough of what you really want to do?
  • Do you ever sit back and wonder why, after getting good grades in school, a good job, a beautiful home, good friends, or a healthy family, you somehow feel empty inside?
  • Do you find yourself unhappy because of "problems"?  Do you want the peace of mind and fulfillment found when "problems", worry, and stress are eliminated forever?
  • Do you have issues dealing with time management and wish to enhance this area of your life?
  • Have you ever wished you were more action oriented, capable of overcoming obstacles and roadblocks with ease, and able to achieve your goals and dreams sooner?
  • Do you want to make more money in your job, career, or business, by working smarter, not harder?
  • Are you frustrated with "wheel spinning" throughout life by not making any real personal progress?
  • Do you go through your day wishing you could have more energy and vitality so you can accomplish more things?
  • Have you ever lashed out at someone in anger and not know the reasons why?
  • Ever wonder what it would be like if you could reach the point where you never have to "work" for another day for the rest of your life?
  • How would you feel beginning each day with the freedom of having enough money to do whatever you want, to go wherever you want, and to have whatever you want?
  • Tired of failing in your goals or don't even really know how to effectively plan them?
  • Have you ever realized that you often spread yourself too thin across too many projects and activities?
  • Do you feel financial pressure because you don't have a high enough income?
  • Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?
  • Are you a parent that is having a hard time being there for your child, while juggling your own personal vendettas?
  • Do you oftentimes purchase things, like books, and tend to not use them?
  • Does not having enough time for friends and family bring you down?
  • Have you ever fallen victim to the latest hype for making easy money from an idea or opportunity, only to have it slip away from your lack of motivation, or instead realize that it was just another scam in which you lost money instead of making any?
  • Do other people oftentimes misunderstand you?
  • Do you find yourself regretting past decisions or letting thoughts of the past or future overwhelm you?
  • Have you ever reached a point where you were close to achieving something good and new, but for some strange reason, you blew it and it got away?
  • Do you want to change your bad habits?
  • Do you want more spice in your life?
  • Would you like to have the ability to rapidly accomplish whatever it is you would want to accomplish (be it a small or large task) with ease and with guaranteed success?
  • Are you an entrepreneur but find it hard to acquire the time and energy necessary to focus on growing your business?
  • Do you think you actually have what it takes to really make a difference in your life, and in the lives of the people around you?
    • What would you do if you experienced an invigorating and healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life?


    "If a more rewarding lifestyle is what you are seeking... then this is going to be the most important and fulfilling Web-Page you'll EvEr read!"


    If you DON'T believe your own power is competent enough to act on fulfilling your needs -- to commit to your decisions and actions out of shear desire for accomplishing your dreams and achieving your ideal lifestyle with the help of what I have to offer you here -- then my Friend, I'm sorry to say... you aren't ready for the GROOVE.


    Don't bother wasting your precious time here any longer!  I think your favorite television show is about to start -- you better hurry to catch it!  I wish you the best.  Take care.  Ciao!



    ... BUT...


    If you DO have that burning feeling deep wiThiN your existence, that wants more... that's CRAVING improvements within every aspect of your life, which just CAnnOT be satisfied... then, Dear Traveler, I'm happy to inform you...



    "You've just found what you've been looking for!"



    Trust me on this... I'll explain soon.  But, starting today, you can tap into the power that would enable you to attract the kind of success you deserve and desire, and to live your life at a level you never before imagined!

    Now you may be wondering...



    "Who the heck is this guy telling me this stuff anyway, and why should I believe he has anything of real value to offer?"



    I know this has crossed your mind.  It's crossed my mind also when I decided to share the GROOVE with other people -- to actually sit down and dedicate many, many, MANY months of effort to create this offering for you -- in the hopes that someone would even consider what I have to share!


    You see, I'm no head doctor; I have no degree in any medical science.  Heck, I'm also not a 90-year-old guy spilling the beans about my...

    ...that took a lifetime to gain.

    B u t, I can tell you this... I have street smarts, and I have witnessed things that would make your head spin.


    I also know that any type of success anyone has achieved in life has left clues for others to comprehend and adapt to.


    I am, therefore, a knowledge sponge and have read thousands of books in many areas and have experienced many life and mind-altering moments.


    I have also watched thousands of movies from all around the world, silent to modern, and in every type of genre.

    I crave it.

    But I think my real leverage belongs to that fact that I don't talk by using technical, mind-numbing, mumbo-jumbo crap.



    "Seems like most experts in their field have missed out on required social levels in communication and tend to talk through their book smarts."



    No wonder many people have read book after book, attended therapy session after therapy session, or listened to tape after tape of personal development stuff and are still no better off.  They can't relate!


    "I just started reading some of The Groove and I like it! You put yourself out there and are very truthful. I think people will relate to and respect that."

    Conor Gibbons - Filmmaker - Toronto, CANADA

    "Thank you for such an uplifting new insight! It's just what I've needed after struggling to survive the last three and one-half years in 'Sili-G O N E Valley'."

    Guy LeSage - USA

    "Hi Chris. I am a lot older than you and I have pretty well learned your philosophy over the years
    from being involved in a lot of successful adventures. Congrats, your ideas are sound and will stand the test of time."

    M. Jaggers

    "I think your site and philosophy is unique, different, and somewhat challenging.
    Thanks for your contributions!"


    "Dear Chris, I found your book most interesting and enlightening! Thank you!"


    "Thank You for this book! I'm unemployed at this moment so I know this is gong to help me a lot.
    You know, right now I feel more relaxed with your help, because it looks like somebody around the world still cares about friendships. Thank you again!"

    Victor Montes - USA

    Before I go any further, let me sum up how I came to this level of understanding and truth about the GROOVE and how I know with utmost certainty that I have cracked life's success code, and can explain it to...



    For my entire life I've been an observer.


    I have been drawn to the ArTs

    I have been drawn to people

    I have been drawn to TecHnOlOgY

    I have been drawn to NAtuRe...


    But, most importantly, I have been drawn to loves, friendships, health, and happiness.


    Everyone has dreams.  Mine was to become a Novelist, which eventually turned into wanting to be involved with the Visual Arts.  But it took a long time to figure that one out and make the leap.


    I was the youngest of a family of five, with two older sisters.  My mother was a housewife, and my father supported us the best he could on a small income.  It was meager beginnings.


    My oldest sister became Entrepreneur of the year in 1995 as a successful businesswoman, while my other sister went into Psychology with a focus on Rape Crisis.


    I myself ended up avoiding the arts as a career move and instead went into computer science and worked for 6 years with a multi-billion dollar a year High-Tech company, and personally had over 100 clients from around the world.



    "Well, to make long stories short into a recipe for a mind-funk mixture that has crumbled lives..."



    Combine a loved one's failed marriage filled with lies and corruption, court battles, bankrupt businesses, a seriously premature birth of a niece, a suicide of a sister, deaths of young friends, employment layoffs, health issues, loss of friendships, depression...


    ...among every other possible dysfunctional dish you could think of...

    ...and, my Friend, you got yourself one heck of a reality meal there to viciously choke on!

    But, I couldn't just give up and throw in the ToweL!

    I could have. Came close once.

    InsteaD, there's life to be lived no matter what.


    We are only on this planet once... and with death being the end... how painful would trying anyway make a difference?


    Give up or buck up I said!



    "But, man oh man, now there's a concept when your mind has a messed up world of its own that needs to be reprogrammed, with ugly internal battles to be fought!"



    But you know what?  I didn't let it take me over and defeat me.  Instead, I absorbed all I could.  Reached out all I could.

    And discovered a world of possibilities like no other!

    And now... I have started a Film Production company and I'm currently working on my dream projects.


    I started an eBusiness company (www.spinning-blue-planet.com) in which I can give back in a way that works for me knowing I can make a difference, not just for myself, but for others. Light workers have the opportunity to work through it and gain exposure, whether they have an internet presence or not.

    My arts portfolio is gaining outstanding recognition from people around the world.


    I'm a Canadian who has traveled and experienced different cultures and lifestyles without suppression from my Western influence, including such remote places in South East Asia like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

    I was the head of a social committee within the High-Tech industry and wrote a newsletter that reached out to over 2500 people, produced a satiric comic strip, volunteered for many community events, and helped organize many social events from sky-diving to writer groups.


    I have helped many people with their dream projects from assisting with novels, films, businesses, music albums, and so on.


    I was a volunteer Big Brother with the "Big Brothers / Big Sisters" organization in my community for a 12 year old boy who's father committed suicide.

    I'm now weaving many different types of interests and talents and businesses into one massive, life purpose, and no longer focusing on just one possible career option.


    And I have helped many people overcome their negative limitations, sending them down their own road of success...


    ...And much, much more.



    "And I will continue to do so!"



    I don't say all of this to impress you.  Far from it!  I say all of this because I could have given in a long time ago.


    But I didn't.


    Instead, I found the way to overcome any obstacle to create the life I dream of literally out of thin air!



    "And the best part is, I don't care who you are or what your situation is...

    you can do it to!"

    "I'm at page 30 so far and your book is remarkable! I started off editing, did that for maybe the first 9 pages and said the heck with it and just read through. WOW! I'm rather speechless and greatly impressed. It's come together wonderfully so far and I look forward to finishing it tomorrow. I LOVE THE WAY YOU MELD THE SECTIONS TOGETHER. GREAT WAY OF INTRODUCING THEM! Many of the things you wrote struck chords within me and I was left here thinking about them. Some other things simply made me go "Yeah, I definitely need to change that", and it certainly instills the want to do so. As you know, I was skeptical at first, as I am with just about everything, but happily, I'll be a groupie from now on. It is something I could certainly see myself coming back to - to be reminded of why certain passages made me want to change or improve certain things and aspects of myself."

    Natacha Losier - University Student & co-editor of The Groove eBook - CANADA

    "Hi Chris! I have read your Groovy Articles and "Gettin' Back Into The Groove of Gettin' Back Into The Groove". You could not have explained this any better than by saying it would be a kick to the seat of the pants! The truth that lies within this is so much more than an eye opener. So many people allow themselves to stagnate, not realizing they are loosing valuable time reigniting their flames. What a great job of telling it like it is! Have a Merry Christmas!"

    Marilyn Blackwell - USA

    "I am grateful to be in contact with you, Chris. Nice text on the Spinning Blue Planet. I have experienced all those things and have now found the path to happiness."

    Julian Anderson - Ontario, CANADA

    It could take you 30 or more years, and also a ton of money, to learn how to instantly tap into this world on your own!


    Instead, let me help you!  Take the initiative today to travel over a GUARANTEED shortcut to success in every area of your life!


    Keep reading, my Friend! The GROOVE awaits you!




    Believe it or not, but it's true: a "Sucker" is indeed born every minute!



    All great marketers know this and utilize it to their advantage!  They know how to get leverage on human emotions, desires, and habits in order to "clone" and continually condition MINDLESS PEOPLE into feeding more of their hard-earned money into supporting these manipulators' rich lifestyles!



    "Well, do you want to be a 'Sucker' or a winner?"



    Of course you want to be a winner, but the worst thing is that it's VERY easy for ANYONE to fall into the traps.


    The stimuli of media, advertising, materialism, and organized Religions practically forms our lives on a daily basis! 


    Without having a complete grasp on what makes you tick mentally, falling into such poisoning traps is oftentimes inevitable.


    This inevitability can build up, leaving you miles down the wrong road, in areas such as bad physical health, unhealthy mental health, poor financial health, failed projects, lackluster relationships, disjointed Spirituality, etc.



    "According to the American Surgeon General's 1999 study, "Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General", approximately 20% of the U.S. adult population has some form of mental illness!"



    Such illnesses include:

    • Mood disorders
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Anorexia
    • Obesity
    • Severe cognitive impairments
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Schizophrenia

    Mental illness alone represented 15% of all diseases accounted for, and the scary part is, that's more than the percentage found for Malignant Cancer and Respiratory diseases... the beasts of the 1980s!

    In 1996, the direct cost of mental illness to Americans was a startling $69 billion!


    "According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in every 6 Canadians will suffer from a mental disorder for a good portion of their life!"


    My Friend, this is the new age of the bRAiN!

    Mental health is absolutely essential to achieving prosperity and is the starting point to success!


    "But how does one prevent mental illness

    in the first place?"

    "How does one eliminate mental illnesses to be

    able to live a fulfilling, happy life?"


    There's a very unfortunate thing happening in our society that's feeding our mental illnesses, and it mainly comes from the myths and uneducated assumptions contributing to this epidemic:


    • People with mental illness are NOT typically violent and dangerous!
    • Lower class people are NOT the only source for mental illness!
    • Mental illness is NOT caused by a personal weakness!
    • Mental illness is NOT a single, rare disorder!
    • People who do not follow a specific organized Religion are NOT "lost"!
    • Elderly people are NOT destined to be mentally imbalanced.
    • Growing older is NOT a bad thing.
    • And many more!


    Don't fail and believe that you are forever immune from such negative conditioning!  Life has its ways of derailing anyone.  Be prepared.

    Problems in the way you think can even begin right under your nose, and can be caused by family and friends.

    "Hi Chris, I couldn't help thinking, when I was reading your email, how "coach-like" you appear! :) And I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but you are wasting your talents if you don't take things a step further! Next time you think of stretching yourself, consider becoming a professional coach - you have a lot to offer people and you seem to have a burning desire to do that. I know coaches "out there" who don't have half your compassion and caring. I hope you don't think I'm being pushy or nosy - I don't usually email people and say "hey, you'd make a great coach", but you stand out :) And I'm not flirting with you either! Cheerio!"

    Donna Eliassen - USA

    "Chris, where do I start? I was just on the Spinning Blue Planet website and am again awe struck! So inspiring and honestly a pleasure to be able to say that I am a friend of yours. Your paintings on Facebook are beautiful! I have always been a fan of the arts and I fell in love with your talent... Then I noticed the info on Spinning Blue Planet...

    So here I am at almost 3am reading and cannot pull myself away from your site! Congratulations on everything! So insanely happy for you! Looking forward to more updates :) A pleasure for sure!"

    Lisa McCrate - Model / Bartender - Newfoundland, CANADA

    "Chris! How ya doin man? Grooving I can imagine. I have since moved to Alberta and just recently I was talking with a friend I met up here. I mentioned your book "Getting back into the Groove of getting back into the Groove". I gave the gift of the ebook you gave me to friends home that needed to hear the message. I also think that there are a lot of people in this province who as well need to expiernce the Groove. I was hoping you could help me in doing that? I will spread your words with as many people as I can. I hope all is well with you and your life. Take care, have fun and always be Grooving! This town definetly needs it!"

    Travis Drake - Salesman - Alberta, CANADA

    Did you know that success starts with a certain "mind-set"?

    Happiness and success are actually choices we make, and attitudes we live by.  How you perceive the world defines who you are.

    The flip side is that how you perceive the world is also what can ruin your world.

    In other words...


    "What's happening INSIDE of you is much more important than what's externally influencing you!"


    Unfortunately, this understanding is common sense for most people, but the real kicker comes from the frustration of consciously knowing all of this, yet still falling into the same vicious, negative cycles over and over again.

    Rejoice, my Friend, and say "NEVER AGAIN!"

    With the following secrets, tools, strategies, techniques, and insights available within THE GROOVE, all of what you just read is possible to overcome and to achieve... for anyone!

     "Think about this for a minute:  How much is just improving on one aspect of your life worth to you and your success?"

    Imagine what your life would be like if, for instance, you had deeper relationships with your friends and family.

    One of the keys to true happiness is in having rewarding relationships with the people you care about and love, such as your spouse, children, coworkers, employees, and friends.

    Unfortunately, not many people learned how to develop and maintain good relationships with our fellow human beings when we were growing up; well, at least not on a psychological level that forms and is sustained over time through ups and downs.

    BUT WAIT! This is just one area of possible improvement!


    "Imagine being able to communicate better in both written and verbal skills, improve your memory, read and comprehend things faster, use your time more effectively, or even fluently speak other languages!"


    Don't you think your income and every aspect of your life would improve in the slightest?  DUH!  That's a no brainer.

    Of course it would!

    In fact, each and every successful person on this planet has, to some degree, mastered specific interpersonal skills to create such a reality.

    And once you've developed and mastered the essential skills here that you can use to lead the life of your dreams, you'll be able to earn a lot more money, live a healthy, Spiritual, and fulfilling lifestyle, and have abundantly positive relationships with your family, friends, and peers!


    "What about your financial $ituation?"



    Are you happy with it?  Most people aren't.  And there are many reasons for this, and very little of them revolve around someone having a Low personal intelligence.


    The problem is that most people are taught at an early age that to succeed you have to get a s-t-a-b-l-e job... and...

    ...save your cash!


    Heck, most people are taught that money is evil, or that having excess money is greedy, or that to become rich one has to negatively manipulate other people, or polute the world with more material junk, or even work like a dog for the rest of his/her life!


    Ever dream of being your own boss?  You are even taught in school to be a good employee, not an entrepreneur or a free thinker!


    You are told to go out and get experience, but isn't that what entrepreneurs have to do also?  Of course!


    Unfortunately, many years go by and most people are conditioned to be followers instead of leaders, or free thinkers.



    "Whether you realize it or not, you are where you are based on the choices you made in life.  Your life wasn't just dealt to you... which is what most people believe and settle for."



    That is truly sad and totally inaccurate!


    You are your own worst enemy, but it's not your fault.  The material world makes you focus your attention on life's daily RiTUals instead of on your own personal growth.


    My friend, you're about to take control of your life to eliminate all of your inappropriate influences and to establish many abundant realities for yourself by investing in the most important person IN your life... and that's YOU!


    If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.


    And since you're read this far, I know you want to make your life better no matter how good it already is.



    "Everyone has room for improvement.  The trap is in thinking you don't."



    Get excited, Traveler, because you're just a few minutes away from having the tools and resources to help you achieve your goals and destiny!



    Your search is finally OVER!



    "Gettin' Back Into The Groove


    Gettin' Back Into The Groove"

    ...is not just another source of information to be read and quickly forgotten.  Hardly. It's a Philosophical Roadmap leading toward a life of abundance and acute awareness!

    Sample Passage from The Groove:

    "Let all things sit for a while, learn to comprehend before critiquing, and come back to them later. A good trick is to leave something you are developing part way through its development, refresh yourself, and when you return to it your motivation and further understanding of it will be heightened. This way you will never have to start things from scratch. When you develop this habit, and this habit is a constant process in every aspect of your life, you have discovered a true, personal wonderment that is highly productive and leads to self-mastery."

    Order Now for Instant Access

    Take all that you know about conventional wisdom and educational processes and hold them aside... they don't teach this stuff in the classroom, and it would cost you a fortune in personal coaching, seminars, continual education, or many years of self-study, pain, and confusion to receive and benefit from the same concepts.

    My GROOVE Philosophy is a knowledge base, a resource to be tapped into, a success blueprint, a good friend with good advice, and an educational system that provides more than typical schooling or common influences can!

    "This resource is like a freight train of mind-altering benefits that will lead you to complete success in all areas of your life!"

    Most education systems only prepare you to be a good employee, or condition you to dedicate your life to one main focus, or are nothing more than an introduction to the REAL WORLD... and in many ways, you are let lose into this "REAL" world with a limited intuition to make decisions with. Unfortunately, time and experiences are lacking.


    Depending on how you surround yourself with what influences you determines your life's path.  But you are only as knowledgeable as these influences!


    Developing your own extensive database of experiences will take many years.


    And how often do you hear people older than yourself say things like:



    "I wish I knew then... what I know now!"



    It's a beautiful thing when people can come together and share life experiences and for each to gain something new from it.

    Very soon you will have access to the answers on how to take your life from where it is now, to where you want it to go. You'll understand exactly what the GROOVE is and how to achieve and sustain it.

    You'll understand that this is the basis of achievement and a wake up call when needed.

    And even if you are uncertain of which direction to take in life and how to get there, you'll be exposed to strategies for helping you formulate a life purpose and to follow through in achieving it.


    Remember, every new road you take will lead to places you've never been before...

    You'll be making decisions you've never made before.

    You'll be experiencing emotions and problems you've most likely never dealt with before.



    "Your entire BEING will be changing."



    It's not always a fun filled adventure, so make sure you arm yourself with the best possible ammunition to insure it WILL be a great adventure!


    "So what's the price tag on this thing?" , you may be wondering.


    Well, because the Internet has opened new doors to consumerism, marketing, and business operations, the benefits fall directly into the customer's hands.


    You see, with electronic product transactions, I have no inventory or fulfillment costs.  There are no shipment costs, no employee payroll, and no physical asset amortization to worry about.


    The Internet also makes it easier and more exciting to extend this offer to customers from around the world, also with little to no extra costs.


    Self-Publishing is becoming the wave of the future!


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    Sample Passage from The Groove:

    "Focus on the little things: water drops building up from faucets, candle or sun shadows along walls, or personal memorabilia holding enormous motivation. Whatever it is, it needs to be brought to the awareness of the present moment. That's the key! The present moment is where it is required, not later when in times of reminiscence... but NOW! Stop everything you are doing to behold life at its best, especially the wonderments of science and nature! Gaze upon a setting or rising sun. Listen to the laughter of an innocent child. Smell freshly baked bread. Thumb through items of a previous success. Read from your personal journals. Listen to your favorite music. Experience life for what it's worth in these moments!"

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    ??? Still undecided ???

    Please take a moment to watch this short movie, titled "Crystal Clear - The Revolution of Light is NOW!"

    Now that you understand more about The Groove and the importance for us all... it's up to you to take the next step.


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